My Summer Pics, part one

Hi everyone,

I can't believe that summer is almost over and school starts next week! 
Well I hope you have all enjoyed your summer vacation.  
It would have been great if my family and I were able to vacation in Europe
 or visit a couple of states, unfortunately we weren't able to but we sure
 had a great time exploring our own island.  Today I will be sharing with 
you the first part of photos from places we went to right here
 in my homeland of Puerto Rico.  

First up is the beach!! We would hit the beach two to three times
a week, which is saying a lot because I'm not a beach person lol.  My
daughters enjoy going so I sacrificed every couple of days to take them.  The
beach we went to  is called "Bridges" in Aguadilla.
The water is so clear that you can actually
see fishes by the shoreline.  

Here my daughter is holding a urchin that my nephew found in the water,
we made sure to carefully put it back.

The Botanical Gardens in Caguas, Puerto Rico was one place I have
been meaning to visit for a while now.  I just love sightseeing so
this is definitely one of my favorite places.
The gardens are so beautiful and peaceful.  I actually took over
three hundred photos if you can believe it, so here are just a few.

This is the entrance to the gardens.

Once you're inside the view is amazing!

I just loved walking the grounds and admiring the flowers and trees.

The pond is so beautiful.

Our next visit was to the Bacardi rum factory located at Cataño, Puerto Rico.
We were greeted by a tour guide who welcomed us.  We were given two
tickets per person to enjoy free drinks.
The coconut Bacardi rum with pineapple juice was my favorite.  When
we finished our drinks we went on the trolley to tour the museum on the grounds.
Inside we were shown a short movie of the history of the owners and
the growth of the company.  Next we were taken to another area where
they explained the process of making the rum and its storage.

The bartender asked my daughters if they wanted to take a photo behind
the bar and of course they agreed wholeheartedly lol.

This is one of the barrels where they store the rum 6 to 10 years.
It weighs 500 pounds when full.

Bacardi's logo is a bat.

I hope you enjoyed the first part of photos from my vacation.  Tomorrow I
will be sharing part two, so stay tuned.

Until next time,

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